VIDEO: Hypocritical Ghanaians enjoy music videos with semi-nude ladies and insult me when I twerk in bikini – Akuapem Poloo fumes

Akuapem Poloo

It looks like things are getting to Akuapem Poloo as she has told Ghanaians to stop being hypocritical.

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According to her, Ghanaians enjoy music videos with half nude girls; but insult her when she dances in her panty or bra. The obviously infuriated Akuapem Poloo told Ghanaians to mind their businesses because no one feeds her.

She posted a video on Instagram with the caption; “It’s funny when people watch music videos with half naked ladies wearing swimsuits, and when people go to the beach or poolside with panty and Bra but they come to my page to talk sh*t when I dance in swimsuit or pants and bra hypocrites sooor because you can’t do it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it f**k you haters go to hell    fire burn you

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Watch the video below…


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