VIDEO: Pastor leads congregation to “BUTCHER” the devil with machetes during Watch Night Service


Modern day Christianity has taken a different dimension, especially with the kind of “akwankyerɛs” coming from some men of God in Africa. 

Some pastors have been seen in the past, leading members of their church to do some “crazy” things including chewing grass, drinking fuel and lashing the devil with canes. 

Well, a new video has surfaced on social media where members of a yet to be identified church are seen using machetes on the floor, supposedly to butcher the devil during a heated prayer session. This was during a Watch night service where they also had a piece of red cloths on their wrists as a sign of “mourning”.  

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They probably were in that mood because the “devil” had destroyed all the good things in their lives. So the only way they could attack him was to use cutlasses on the floor. 

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Can someone tell these preachers and their congregations that it doesn’t work that way?

Watch video below; 


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