VIEWERS DISCRETION: Watch heart breaking video of Ghanaian Chief sacrificing a human being to his gods

Ghanaian chief kills human being to sacrifice to his Gods

A video circulating on social media has gotten everyone talking; the video shows of a chief allegedly sacrificing a human being to his gods in the open.

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A woman was heard screaming and claiming that the said chief is killing a human being to offer as sacrifice to his gods.

One surprising things was when a police man was seen walking around the scene and ensuring that the perpetrators of this heinous act were safe.

Some Ghanaians have claimed that it is rather an animal that is being sacrificed and not a human being. Other schools of thoughts have it that it is a scene from a movie.

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We will implore the Police to conduct an investigation into the matter and get to the bottom of this.

VIEWERS DISCRETION ADVISED: Watch the video below…


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