Want To Become A Driver’s Mate In Ghana? See A List Of Items Needed To Enroll For The Post


The driver’s mate is an important role in the day to day transport activities in the country. Apart from Taxis that do not have enough space to accommodate a mate, all other transport services have space(s) for them.

The metro mass transit, Ayalolo, STC, VIP&VVIP and a host of other transport services have conductors who play the same role as driver’s mate in these big transport services.

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A list has surfaced on social media for items needed to be enrolled as a driver’s mate with the Ghana Private Road Transport (GPRTU) of Trade Union Congress (TUC), Gleefe branch letter head.

The list includes six bottles of Lager Beer, One crate of minerals, one bottle of schnapps, a bottle of Akpeteshie, three packets of matches and cigarettes, and an amount of 300 GHC.

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An interesting clause on the list is that, items received are not refundable if you are unable to perform as a may to graduate successfully to become a driver in the future.

Want To Become A Driver's Mate In Ghana? See A List Of Items Needed To Enroll For The Post
A list of items needed to become a driver’s mate


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