“we buy used condoms from prostitutes for our rituals” – Sakawa boy reveals

Akwasi Aboagye
The Sakawa boy and Akwasi Aboagye


In today’s world, the craze for plenty money has taken over especially in the youth. Hence, people don’t mind going any length to get this money, even if it means they will have to kill a fellow human being. 

In a video circulating on social media, a sakawa boy has revealed that he buys used condoms for different rituals. According to the young man, they even go to the extent of hiring prostitutes to procure these used condoms containing semen for them. 

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The sakawa boy was speaking with Peace FM entertainment show’s Akwasi Boagye during an interview where he stated that he knows brothels where the workers there don’t allow the men to take their condoms away after patronizing them. 

He said that these prostitutes reduce their prices because they know they’ll make more money from the used condoms. 

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Watch the revealing video below; 


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