We can not put 25 students in a class to study and write their final exams, but we can gather groups of 25 people for new voters register – A Plus blast Nana Addo

A Plus

Ghanaian Political activist A Plus has lashed out at the “stupidity” of Ghana’s Electoral Commission trying to ensure that the registration exercise goes on in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic.

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And according to him, that shows how shallow Ghanaian politics has become.

A Plus argued that schools are currently closed down to help deal with the pandemic. And instead of thinking of how to bring back education, authorities are rather brainstorming on how to role out their political games.

In the midst of the pandemic, the Electoral Commission is still pushing ahead with an absurd plan for the registration of a new voter’s register.

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In a Facebook post, he wrote; “We can put people in groups of 25 to register for a new voter’s ID but after schools were closed aadown and all the classrooms are empty we have not been able to put 25 final year students in each class to study and write their exams”.

“NDC and NPP will not fight over how to get final year students in school. What is important to both parties is how to win elections. NDC + NPP = Bomb 💣💣💣.” he further stated.

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It is sad how our politicians will only be concerned about winning the next election, rather than putting measures in place that will ensure a better future for the next generation.

See his post below…


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