We dwell too much on officiating to give our game a bad light – Prosper Harrison

Lawyer Harrison Addo

General Secretary of Ghana Football Association, Prosper Harrison Addo Esq has lashed out at football fans, sports journalists and coaches for dwelling too much on officiating which gives the local league a bad light.

“At least we watch other leagues, referees do mistakes but the entire league doesn’t focus only on officiating. Sometimes I feel very sad when coaches instead of praising players after exhibiting the best performances in a game rather blame referees,” he remarked.

According to Prosper referees are bound to make mistakes, however, the consistent vilification of match officials have a dent on the game. Meanwhile, Ghana remains one of the few countries that have a match officials complaint form to fast track sanctions of referees who are found guilty.

“If referees take a bad decision in a game that is what we want to talk about in other jurisdictions they don’t do that, that why their game is growing.

“We are one of the countries that have created a match official complaint form that allows the club to write the mistakes of officiating and each week we have a match review panel that looks at it and you have seen some of the punishment given to referees” he concluded


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