Wendy Shay tells FDA to lift ban that prevents celebrities from endorsing alcoholic beverages after losing a juicy deal

Wendy Shay

RuffTown Records signee Wendy Shay has called on the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to lift the ban on Ghanaian celebrities endorsing alcoholic beverages. 

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The FDA has taken this position as a measure to curtail the abuse of alcohol by many young Ghanaians who idolize these well known celebrities.  

Wendy Shay however see this as a deliberate attempt to prevent celebrities from making extra cash from endorsement of alcoholic beverages.  

She took to Instagram to announce that she had lost a juicy deal with a foreign based alcoholic beverage producer. 

In lieu of that, she has started a campaign that will make FDA lift the ban on celebrities endorsing alcoholic beverages; and is calling for the support of her colleagues. 

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Meanwhile in their response, the FDA took to their Facebook page to explain that they are not in to prevent these celebrities from making ends meet; but they are rather interested in protecting the many Ghanaian youth who pick inspiration from them (celebrities). 


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