Why should I feel shy buying a condom when everyone is having s*x

Efia Odo

Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo has told the public not to feel shy buying condoms for protection.

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Sharing her own experience, she stated that she used to feel very shy going out to get a condom. But she has grown out of that shyness after realizing that there is nothing to be shy about wanting to protect herself.

In a tweet, she said everyone is having s*x; so why should anyone feel shy trying to protect yourself.

Her tweet reads; “I used to be very shy to buy condoms but now I’m like fuck it, they all having sex anyway, why should I be shy for wanting to protect myself. You gotta protect yourself even if he/she doesn’t want to. Stay safe y’all”.

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She also touched on how hypocritical Ghanaian Christians are; they overlook their sins to judge others.

“Some Christians always wanna confront other people about their sins and imperfect ways but they find it difficult to confront their own, smh. Just mind y’all damn business!” she added.


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