Yaa Pono jumps onto the band wagon – jabs Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale and Yaa Pono

Ghanaian rapper Yaa Pono has jumped onto the band wagon after Shatta Wale stated that rap in Ghana won’t be able to stand the test of time. And in his reply, Ponobiom stated that this claim is “rubbish”.

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Shatta Wale was responding to Sarkodie’s diss track that took a swipe at some artistes at a time when the country is striving to conquer the deadly coronavirus disease.

And Shatta Wale placed the ultimate blame on hiplife Grandpapa Reggie Rockstone for introducing rap into the country; as he did not make any impact with the genre.

“The elderly detests rap; they rather like highlife,” he stated during his interview with TV3’s MzGee.

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“Rap is not even going to stand strong. People like Sarkodie do this at this time, I blame Reggie Rockstone for bringing rap to Ghana. If Sarkodie has thrown a shot at me at this time that people are dying, what is he trying to do, can’t he wait.”

Meanwhile, Yaa Pono who is himself a rapper has reacted to the claim; stating that Shatta was only spewing rubbish.

Yaa Pono shared snippets of Shatta’s interview with the caption; “Rubbish talk … drago.”

Even before the response, the CEO for Uptown Energy had warned that he will ruthlessly deal with anyone who jabs him in a song.

“2020 any song wey go throw shots at Uptown energy, we shall resist quick. The UPNESS is dropn on 14 APRIL 2020…ready 4 my album….UPNESS.”

Are we going to see a report of the 2017 beef where both artistes engaged in a lyrical war? Remember they only patched up recently.

See his post below…

A fearless Shata Wale took up the challenge and released a song titled ‘Say Fi’. He taunted the rapper asking why a man would name himself ‘Yaa’ – a name for females born on Thursday.

Yaa Pono in response, unleashed venom on “Gbe Naabu’, a song that made fun of the size of Shatta Wale’s mouth, his works and his lifestyle.


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