You are an armed robber if you don’t pay your tithe – Pastor


Senior Pastor in charge of Praying Family Chapel, Rev. P. Kingsley Boadi has spoken against Christians who have decided not to pay their tithe in an interview. 

Rev. Kingsley was on e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show with Forster Romanus when he stated that it is mandatory for Christians to pay their tithes because it is “a commandment of the Lord”.

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“I am shocked that a Christian will debate on paying tithes; it is something you have to do or bring; it is a command. You go to church, the pastor officiates your wedding, when you have an issue you call your pastor to help” he stated.

“Someone told me in London that she/he prefers to give tithe to the needy. If you are in trouble will you call the needy to help you? I take tithe in my church. If you don’t give tithe, you are an armed robber. It is in the book of Malachi that you are stealing from God”, he bemoaned.

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Rev P.K Boadi is an International Gospel Musician and a songwriter as well.

Watch video below:



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