Your Lipton and milk politics is over, Zongo community needs developments- Sanusi Issah to Isaac Adongo


The Upper East Regional Communication Director of the Governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) Sanusi Issah has challenged the Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central Isaac Adongo and National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the region to show case what they have done for the people of Zongo Communities in the region.

Speaking in an interview on a Bolgatanga based A1 radio Monitored by, Mr Sanusi said the only thing the NDC and Isaac Adongo could say they have done for the Muslim community in region, is supplying them with Lipton and milk during their fasting period.

He believes, the time for Lipton and milk politics is over, because the Zongo Communities in the needs developments.

“We have gotten a computer lab to serve the Zongo Community, because this is a digital word. The modernization cannot take place without us knowing the computer. So it is now a challenge, especially for those who have enjoyed the support of the Zongo community NDC and Honorable Isaac Adongo to tell us one single thing he has done since he became a Member of Parliament for the Zongo Community. We are no longer going to accept the Sugar, milk and tea politics and when is time for fasting, he will come around and give sugar and give Lipton for them to go and do their fasting and when is time for Salah he will come around to give rice, Zongo is beyond that. That is why we are looking at the politics now. For the past 8 years when the NDC was in power, our Arabic instructors, they abolished their allowance and so become so de-motivated in such a way that we have to find ways and means. When we promised them that we are going to restore their allowance for Arabic Instructors that is exactly what we have done. Today, all the Arabic Schools, were we have Arabic Instructors are been paid by this current government”. He said

However, he expressed satisfaction to government through the Zongo Development Fund for responding to their calls for a site for burial grounds for the Zongo communities in the Upper East Region, which the NDC John Mahama administration could not offer the people of Zongo’s in this part country when the request was earlier made by Muslim leadership in 2014.

“It is important to note, that the lives of every Muslim especially the Zongo Community, is for the dead to get a place of rest. We have been struggling for far too long, today as I talk to you; Ghc 468,000.00 is allocated to pay for a land for the purpose of burial grounds for the people of Zongo community in the region”. He expressed

He was confident, that the lives of the people of Zongo communities are getting some level of transformation through the policies introduced by the NPP Buwumia-Akufo led administration, as he challenged the Isaac Adongo and the NDC in the region to show one developmental project offered the people of Zongo’s.

”We have over 1080 Zongo communities across the country and out of these 1080 communities; we have over 4 million populations around these communities. So you can imagine the life of every Zongo person is going to be transformed because of the policies the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is bringing through Nana-Bawumia led administration. So today, we are convinced that there are people who can do these things for us unlike in the past, I still challenge the NDC and Honorable Isaac Adongo to pin point one single structure they have done for the people of Zongo within the 4 years of John Dramani Mahama, I mean within the Zongo community even in Bolgatanga and across the country”. He stressed


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